Good Bye Mom

Maye Vander WalOn Friday June 10, 2011 Maye Vander Wal passed away in Stockton, California where she has lived since 1978. Maye is much loved and missed by her family and the many communities and groups she put much of his time, love, and work into.

Maye was an active member of St. Anne’s Episcopal Church in Stockton, past deputy to the Episcopal Church General Convention, and active member of the Daughters of the King.

Maye had over 30 years of working for the U.S. Federal Government in a variety of roles and areas including: Veterans Administration and the Defense Department and has been retired since the late 90s.

Maye was born in Stamford, Connecticut and move to Chicago, Illinois; Alexandria, Virginia; Norfolk, Virginia; Yokohama, Japan; Moraga, California; Spokane, Washington; Seattle, Washington; Portland, Oregon; and Los Angeles, California (among others) before arriving in Stockton.

Maye loved music of all forms, but had a special place for vocal performances and marching music. She also love her roses, many of her rose bushes made many moves with her and bloomed with great glory. She loved and valued her friends and family who think fondly of her.

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[posted by Maye’s son Thomas Vander Wal]

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